Monday, June 6, 2011

Diaper Cake

I guess I'm all about quick projects lately. I guess I feel more accomplished when I finish a project that was done during a single nap or evening after the little one goes to sleep!

So, a neighbor was having her second baby soon. Yay! We love babies! She's a new neighbor so a few of us wanted to give her a baby shower to welcome her and her soon to be new addition to the neighborhood. So there is no better time to make a diaper cake! I used a box of size one diapers. Rolled each one up and secured them with a rubber band. I made two burp clothes and, with a teething ring, made them into a bow. Then I added a few binkies and a bottle filled with M&Ms. I had enough diapers to make a three tier cake! I loved how it turned out!