Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diaper Bag Mini

When I first became a mom, I loved toting around my diaper bag! I carried everything I might need. I really enjoy it!
Then there are those times when you are just going to a friends house for a few hours or your little one it hanging out with a friend while you go to an appointment. Do I really need to lug the entire diaper bag?? Not really. Just need to bring the "just incase there's a poopie diaper" supplies. That is exactly what I needed.
A friend of mine had this little pouch that held a couple of diapers and one of those "travel" size baby wipes. I HAD to figure out how to make one! This is my first go at it. I will try again because my flap didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but not bad over all. It has come in handy on a multitude of occasions. Mine just big enough for a couple diapers, a travel container of baby wipes and a changing pad. I love this fabric too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play Shirt

My new favorite fabric purchase is the remnant. These are smaller (1 yard or less) cuts of fabric that are usually cheap (cheap!!!) and cheap is good lately. Being on a severe budget, I need a savvy way to continue my need to create without breaking the bank and remnants are my way to go! I found this great lavender colored fabric with flowers embroidered on it. It wasn't in my stash for long when a project came along that I knew this was perfect for.

So I got this book for Christmas this year that I am loving! It is my new favorite book. I want to make everything in it! It's called One Yard Wonders. I couldn't wait to start one of the projects in this book! It had to be this little play shirt.

It's a tad too big for my little one but it will be prefect once the snow melts and the weather gets warm. I can't wait to see her running around in this cute little shirt!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just In Time For Valentine's Day- Part Two

So I have read a few blogs about doing this rosette thing. On pillows, wreaths, and ornaments. Then I read this awesome blog and I HAD to try it. Here's the link. Again, not having anything to decorate for valentine's day, I thought let's try this with a heart shaped wreath. It took me a while to finish but it's done and up on the door (but you wouldn't know it right now because of the 26 inches of snow on the ground). I really love the way it turned out. Hopefully it will last a few seasons! What do you think?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just In Time For Valentine's Day- Part One

I find myself looking for new projects to do during the winter. I don't have that much time to sew since I'm usually chasing around my 18 month old! I don't have really any Valentine's Day decorations so I was keeping my eye out to make something. When I was new to reading blogs (which wasn't really that long ago), I remember reading an idea about making a pillow out of a towel. What an interesting idea! I was shopping at one of my favorite stores and found a set of 2 towels (for real cheap!) and just knew I could make something with them. Added some jumbo ric-rac as the trim and wal-la! Not bad for a quick project if I do say so myself! LOL Now I'm looking all over for towels! I recently for one at my local dollar store. Let's see what I come up with out of that one! Hehehe!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last minute post for the day of my snowman (or snow cowboy)! He turned out great but he only lasted a few hours. :( He was handsome while he lasted!

Snow Day!

I'm sorry but there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a fresh snowfall. I love it! Everything is white, clean and quiet! So peaceful. I feel like a kid again wanting to bundle up and play in the snow. A snowman may be in our future today! I hope the snow is good snowman-making snow!