Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work In Progress...

So I am about the embark on by far my largest quilting project to date and I am psyched! Not intimidated at all. Really! It's a twin sized quilt for my daughter's bed. Now for those of you who know me, know that my little one is no where near sleeping in a bed yet. I'm starting early! That way I won't be under the gun to finish. At least that's my plan!

I have been drawn to quilts made with reproduction fabrics from the 1930's. They just look fun and crisp. These fabrics below are what I picked out to make the quilt with.

Along with plain white and a red (for the border) I am supplied and ready to go! I have started to cut the strips. I will keep you updated on my progress!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Crabby

Every year my sister and brother-in-law throw a Crab Fest. I say that loosely as this was just the second (I hope of many) attempt at this shindig. Anyway, my BIL is a HUGE crab guy. Loves them. Like totally focused, don't talk to him while he's picking crab, guy. Needless to say, they are totally into it. It's a lot of fun! All the crab paraphernalia comes out! From the flags to the table covers to the salt & pepper shakers! So I thought this year it would be fun to make a little shirt for the little one to wear to her Auntie's party. So here we go:

1 dollar store youth shirt $1.00
1 iron on crab (clearance rack!) .50c

Total investment = $1.50

Since the shirt was a youth medium, it was a little big for my 2 year old. So I rolled the sleeves up a couple times and tacked them. Then I shirred about 5 rows to kinda make it fitted a little. I ironed on the crab and washed it!

As you can see by the photo, the shirt was quite fitting for the "tude" that was going on at that particular moment. I was happy with it even if she wasn't! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Forever Search

So I guess that everybody has an item that they are on a constant search for the "perfect" one. Or at least I'd like to think so. That way I'm not completely nuts!

Weather it's just the right wallet, or pair of jeans, or the perfect pillow! There is something! For me it's the perfect purse. Something that fulfills all my needs. For me it's been a backpack. It keeps my hands free (to chase after the little one) and they usually are a nice size (big enough to throw the occasional diaper or sippy cup in). Over the past few years I haven't seen what I'm looking for. I guess they just aren't in "fashion" anymore. I'm not a fashionista! I'm practical!

So I had enough! I decided to make my own! Here it is!

I patterned it after a dollar store back pack I found. I added a zippered pouch on the front. There are a couple different pockets and such on the inside but can't show you those. The minute I finished it I put all my necessities (AKA crap!) in it and you DO NOT need to see that! I love it! I used a quilted reversible fabric that I had in my stash. I just had to pick up a couple zippers. The inside is white with black polka dots.

I think a matching pouch/coin purse might be in my future! We'll see how motivated I get!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bathing Beauty!

So the next thing I realize is that summer has just passed me by! We have been so busy this summer having fun! Not that I took time off from making stuff, I just haven't sat down to blog about it.

So there will be projects posted that I have made over the last few months. :)

Here is the first one. I found a great tutorial over at The Train To Crazy for a beach towel that folds into a backpack. What an awesome idea! I found a couple of cute beach towels and couldn't wait to get started! It really didn't take that long at all to make. So here it is:
Of course when I want to take a picture of my little one wearing it, she doesn't want anything to do with putting it on! Just my luck. But still uses it every time we are by the water!
So I was just tickled pink on how it turned out! I had a pretty big piece of towel left over too. So I put my creative brain to work and came up with a matching beach cover up! What a perfect companion to the back pack. I think so anyway :)
We have used both of these all summer long and have gotten so many compliments on them!