Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just In Time For Valentine's Day- Part One

I find myself looking for new projects to do during the winter. I don't have that much time to sew since I'm usually chasing around my 18 month old! I don't have really any Valentine's Day decorations so I was keeping my eye out to make something. When I was new to reading blogs (which wasn't really that long ago), I remember reading an idea about making a pillow out of a towel. What an interesting idea! I was shopping at one of my favorite stores and found a set of 2 towels (for real cheap!) and just knew I could make something with them. Added some jumbo ric-rac as the trim and wal-la! Not bad for a quick project if I do say so myself! LOL Now I'm looking all over for towels! I recently for one at my local dollar store. Let's see what I come up with out of that one! Hehehe!

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