Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Dress

So I actually made this a while back but it took a while for me to get a picture of it. It's amazing what a popsicle in little hands can accomplish!

Thanks to Lier over at Ikat Bag I was inspired to try to make her Yolk Dress. It was pretty easy to make which was a surprise since I've never made anything like this without a pattern. I think it turned out pretty good! And the important thing is the little one likes to wear it!


  1. K, it turned out so cute! And it fits your little girl really well! (Highest compliment ever, even higher than saying how I love the colors (true, by the way)!) I love how she is wearing in as is! Mine only wears hers with a shirt inside it, ever since I convinced her it was a jumper (and it hasn't even occurred to her to try it without). Thank you for the link and for writing to say hello and inviting me to come visit. That is so sweet of you!

  2. She looks adorable in it! Great job yet again. You're inspiring me to learn how to sew! Did you ever think that would come out of my mouth?!?