Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tutu Drive 2010

So when I do have time, I search blogs on to see what other creativity is going. I fell upon this post at Samster Mommy about a tutu drive. There is a foundation called The Princess Alexa Foundation that donates handmade dress up clothes to seriously ill children. It's so important that these kids get to be kids while dealing with these serious issues. It really hit home now that I'm a mom. Immediately I decided to make something for this foundation! It's the LEAST I can do.
So the little one and me went off to the fabric store and picked up some pink tulle and some packets of yellow roses. It took little time to make. It actually took longer to sew the roses on than it did to make the skirt itself!

I enjoyed it so much that we went back and I got some yellow tulle to make another one!

I know that there will be a couple of little girls who will love these skirts! It felt awesome to send these off to Samster Mommy!

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