Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is coming!

I'm SO excited that we finally have been having some warmer days! The bulbs outside are starting to pop (pictures to follow) and the snow is pretty much gone. It was time to take down the heart wreath and put up something that says SPRING! Since Easter is on it's way I thought I'd put together a wreath filled with eggs. You've seen those wreaths at the craft stores right? Spanish moss, eggs glued on. Couldn't see spending that amount on a wreath that wasn't exactly how I would like it. I need some COLOR! I could make that!

So here it is! My sister over at Blond Moments in the Burbs and I were talking that we wanted to make these. I got an 18" grapevine wreath, green spanish moss, and a couple of packages of those plastic eggs. I hot glued the eggs closed, glued them on the wreath and then filled in with the moss. The ribbon was a last minute addition. It just looked like it needed it. It's MY wreath and I can do what I want with it!! LOL My sister made a slightly smaller version with grey moss and pastel decorative eggs. It turned out great! Here is her version.

Now all I have to do is get rid of the snowman flag that is flying next to the egg wreath and I'll be good to go!

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