Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Table Upgrade

So since I refinished some kitchen chairs, here, I am still loving them! Unfortunately getting/finding an updated table is on the back burner right now. So in the mean-time, we have mismatched kitchen furniture. Now I'm not totally bothered by this. It certainly isn't keeping me up at night! Ha! My table takes a beating everyday. But maybe I could make it just a tad prettier? Under a strict budget??

So there I was searching blogs (again) and stumbled upon this blog called The Big Dill. She has this awesome idea of a fitted tablecloth. Here is the tutorial. So it inspired me to do the same thing to my table. I have a perfect table for a fitted top. Here we go! Here is the before:

Again, not horrible! I don't hate it! I went on a search for a vinyl that would match the room and waited (and waited) for it to go on sale. With coupons I got what I needed (1 3/4 yards) for less then $8! Woo hoo! (enter happy dance!) So once I got the time, (hooray for nap time!) I got it done in one afternoon.

Here is the finished product:
The lighting wasn't great so I apologize for the bad pictures but I think you get the idea, right? You can see the scalloped egde better in the close up. It's a nice maroon color that goes great with my window treatments. Can I say love it!!

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