Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandmother's Sewing Cabinet Redo

So in the spirit of refinishing some furniture, here is another quick redo project I just finished. I have had my grandmothers sewing cabinet for a while and have been using it. I have had this project on my to-do list for years and I finally got to it!

What got me going was when I signed up for a sample bottle of some paint. I chose this cool light blue color (totally blanking on the name right now). I got the sample bottle in the mail and thought it would look great on the cabinet. So off I went.

Pretty green right? LOL It was pretty beat up and chipped. I even had to pull off the moving sticker on it from 4 years ago! LOL

Since this was primarily worked on during nap times, it took me a few days to strip it and sand it down. I'm glad the paint came off easily. Then it was painting time. Couple of coats of paint and.................

I had new drawer pulls to put on this but they ended up not working out. I spray painted the original pulls instead and put them back on. Gave new life to this old girl!

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  1. This old girl look so fresh and fab! I know grandma is smiling knowing you gave new life to hear sewing cabinet and are still using it!