Thursday, May 26, 2011

Patriotic Wreath

It was time for an updated patriotic/fourth of July wreath for my front door. I had to put the old one out of it's misery. So sad :(

So I went and got some new supplies:

1 grapevine wreath - $3
3 bunches of red, white, blue artificial flowers (from dollar store) - $3
1 star garland (from dollar store) - $1
Patriotic fabric (had on hand)

Total - $7

So I started with a basic grapevine wreath

and supplies

I just wrapped the garland around the wreath

At this point I pulled out my patriotic fabric stash and made a bow. Now I made this up as I went. I knew it didn't have to be perfect and I didn't know how it would turn out. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Since it is made of fabric, I thought it was a little too "droopy" so I actually sprayed it with a clear matte spray paint to stiffen it up a bit. It worked! I know there is a spray stiffener product out there but I only needed a little bit so I improvised!

Then I added the flowers to the wreath and hung it up!

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